Isparta Province

                 Isparta, which is located in the area of corner point called as Lake Region where Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions meet, has a rich fauna and flora including Eğirdir, Kovada, Gölcük lakes and Kızıldağı National Parks. According to population census of 2015, the population of city center is 235,456. The total population is 421,766. Generally, hand knotted carpet, rose and production of rose goods and raising of rose are among the important means of living for the province. With canyons that are convenient for trekking and river sports, with caves and mountains, Davraz Mountain which includes a ski center is a center where many nature sports are performed. Yalvaç District which is also a center for religious tourism reflects the cultural richness of Anatolia with its all magnificence. Eğirdir District is an alternative tourism paradise. Here, many sportive activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, windsurfing, paragliding, and camping can be performed. According to 2015 data of Turkish Statistical Institute, Isparta has been chosen as the province which has the highest life index.

Institution Profile

                 Isparta Directorate of Probation serves within the structure of Head of Probation Department which was established under the supervision of Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses in accordance with the law no 5402 Probation and Help Centers with Protection Boards. Within the structure of our Directorate, 32 personnel with Director of Probation, Probation Experts (Sociology, Psychology, Social Services, people holding bachelor and master degrees from departments of educational sciences), Guardians, Bureau Officers and Servants have been giving service.

Vision and Mission

                  Probation means ‘a socially based application in which all kinds of services, programs and sources are provided in terms of integration of the suspect, defendant and prisoner with the public within the conditions and duration defined by the court and in accordance with audit and audit plan.’ In other words, probation has been established with the purpose of prevention of re-committing crimes through correcting the behaviors causing crime committing, of following the sentenced released from penal institution and of rehabilitation of those who are drug addicted. Our institution serves under the name of the protection board which aims to compensate the losses of the victims and thus protecting the public in general. This board also cooperates with the related foundations and institutions within provincial wide (Municipalities, Non-Governmental Organizations, District Governships and The Governorate, Police Headquarter, Office of Mufti, Ministry of National Education, Private Institutions, Banks, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies Ministry, Provincial Directorate of Health, Public Hospitals Association, etc.) in the required matters with the purpose of removing the psycho-social and economic problems faced by those who suffered from the crime they committed, of minimizing the effects and results caused by the crime committed and reintegrating the sentenced who have been released from penal institute with the society.


                   As Directorate of Probation, we have been serving approximately 10,000 sentenced since the date we were founded. For the disadvantageous groups we provide service while the experts have been applying group works under the names of Motivational Conversation Techniques and Cigarette, Alcohol and Substance Addiction, Anger Control Program and Change for Life Program. According to needs of the sentenced, seminars on Substance Addiction, Personal Development, Overcoming the Stress, Public Life Rules, Family Relationships, Protection from Crime Environmental Consciousness, Anger Management,  Empathy and Communication, Sense of Responsibility, Values Education are maintained with the help of competence owned by the expert personnel. Also, for the purposes of including the sentenced in occupational courses to be able to find jobs, of making them work in public offices as well as easing their integration with the society, socio- cultural activities (cinema, theatre, museum visits, senior center visits, tours and sportive activities) are performed through the cooperation protocols done with the institutions provincial-wide. Training courses and seminars are given plenty other institutions located within Isparta province by Directorate of Probation. Communication and Anger Management seminars are given to personnel of Isparta Police Headquarters, Provincial Gendarmerie Command and Isparta Courthouse by our experts in accordance with the institutions’ demands. Apart from this, introductory informing seminars about probation system are regularly given the students of Isparta Süleyman Demirel University Sociology Department and Justice Occupation High School. In order to increase the institutional quality and personnel’s personal development, in-service trainings arranged by our ministry are offered to expert personnel who give the trainings mentioned above.

Projects and Experiences

                   Our institution and European Union have been cooperating in terms of developing probation services in Turkish justice system since 2005 and in our province, there are objectives of improving project capacity and creating awareness about EU-Turkey accession period issues. In accordance with these objectives, there are many projects completed which have the purposes of occupation acquisition, raising life standards through developing activities in terms of their cultural and psycho-social development for the sentenced who have been subjected to probation within the country. Within the frame of Erasmus+ K1 project, our project entitled as "Enhancing of Educational Approach in the Social Integration of the Disadvantageous Groups" has been prepared in 2016 and its results are being awaited now. Besides this, contact will be made with the countries which are members of EU in the project of Erasmus+KA2 Strategic partnership project and the works will be performed. Through the cooperation realized by the institutions located within Isparta province, we are planning to participate in "Social Development Financial Support Program" which is a regional project and has been conducted by West Mediterranean Development Agency. Also, we are benefiting from the project experiences that have been conducted through the cooperation between other directorates of probation located in our country and EU.